Volume II

Introduction to Volume II:    

    Volume II examines stonecutters who:

        • lived and worked between about 1750 and 1850, that is,
            about a generation earlier than those examined in Volume I;

Part I: (chapters 1-4) Boston-Area: Introduction    

        • in Boston/Charlestown & Newton: the Geyers (George Ludwig, Henry Christian, John Just Sr.),
             the 3rd & 4th generation Lamsons (Joseph II, John, Caleb II, Samuel), John Homer,
             Robert Fowle and Daniel Hastings;

Part II: (chapters 5-9) North of Boston: Introduction    

        • in Salem: Levi Maxcy, Ebenezer Soule III, Richard Adams, Benjamin Day, Andrew & Daniel Lord;

        • in Newburyport: Robert Fowle, the Noyes shop (Paul, Enoch, Robert), Shubael Treat,
             Eliphalet Dame, Ebenezer Soule III, the Davis shop (Abel, Nathaniel, Ira L.);

        • in Haverhill/Bradford: the Marble shop (David, John, Herodian), Benjamin Hodgdon,
            Abel Davis, Francis A. Brown, Calvin H. Weeks;

        • in Lowell: Benjamin Day, Theodore Warren, David Nichols;

Part III: (chapters 10-18) South of Boston: Introduction    

        • in Plympton/Middleborough & west: the Soule family (all 21 members over 5 generations),
            Noah Cushman, Abel Moore and Joseph Brown. This includes a discussion of Soule carvers who
            worked in central and western Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont and New York;

        • in Bristol Co., Massachusetts and Rhode Island: Silvanus & Samuel Tingley Jr., Coomer Soule I
            and David Allen Burt in Taunton.