Travel Guide:

Boston, Plymouth, Cape Cod and the Islands are major tourist destinations of the Atlantic coast. Many who come from more distant states may never have realized how interesting early American gravestones can be. This book can act as the principal guide to the carvers and burial grounds of the region.

The information provided on Boston stonecutters, for example, is not available from any other source. Visitors can print out lists of gravestones mentioned in this study for each of Boston's many burial grounds, and thereby be able to identify the various carvers who left their work there. The same is true for almost all of the 1300 burial grounds included in this study. Further, this study documents the eastern Massachusetts carvers responsible for hundreds of gravestones in central and western Massachusetts as well as in New Hampshire (1788 stones), Connecticut (828 stones), Maine (674 stones), Rhode Island (416 stones), Vermont (401 stones) and Nova Scotia (73 stones).